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November Breaks with a Beard Show on NSB Radio - Archive inside!

Posted: Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:45 pm
by OAP-Dub
Here is this month's Breaks with a Beard on NSB Radio. Things start out deep and atmospheric then slowly build on a journey through techier, proggier territory. Definitely one for the heads this one, though there is still plenty of whomp and wobble along the way! A handful of new tunes amongst the 00s era breaks too. Tracklist in comments ... -10112020/

Luke Chable - Melburn
Matthew Adams - No More, Anymore!
Sueno latino - Sueno Latino (Bushwacka! remix)
Mondo Paradiso - Whale Nation (Ils remix)
Tee-Ex - Shifting Circumstances
Perpetual Present - Cosmic Juggler
Precision Cuts - Takeno Breakno
QB Project - Freestyle
Infusion - Better World (Evil 9 and Adam Freeland remix)
Magnolia - Its All Vain (Meat Katie and Christian J remix)
Stromlinie - This F@ckin Feelin pt2
Exile - Neuroscan
Uberzone - Fubar
Flack Su - Toddler (Blim remix)
La Liga - What U Wanna (Koma and Bones remix)
Evil 9 - Lovers Not Fighters (Blim remix)
Roxiller - Revelations
Meat katie and Christian J - Cusp
Vincexts - Step Into The Abyss
Pulse - Control the Night
Rhades - It's Time to Take This
Uptown Connection - Renegades (Beber remix)
Evil 9 - Restless (Dylan Rhymes remix)
dreadzone - Elevate (Roxiller remix)
Boogie Army - Blaster
Sam Hell - Soft
Danny McMillan and DLP - Android Party (Koma and Bones remix)
Myagi - Funkgrinder (Dopamine remix)
Def 3 - Rinse It (Kickflip remix)
POD and Bowser - The Anti
Orbital - Funny Break (Plump DJs remix)