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Latest Breaks with a Beard Show now online!

Posted: Wed Oct 28, 2020 3:38 pm
by OAP-Dub
The latest Breaks with a Beard has landed! A bit of a different first half of the show, with some dream pop, psych pop and the like, before working into some pretty deep and atmospheric breakbeat. Pretty happy with how this worked out, flows nicely in my opinion, I hope you agree! ... io-231020/

Breaks with a Beard 23/10/2020
Darts Theme Tune
Gulp - Morning Velvet Sky
Dope Lemon - Lonely Boys Paradise
Creature of Doom - Some Other World
Ghostlawns - Motorik
The Horrors - Something to Remember Me By
Working mens Club - John Cooper Clarke
Artificial Pleasure - Wound Up Tight
Zoot Woman - Hope in The Mirror
Still Corners - Beatcity
Blau.Ton - Rauschwerk
Howard Jones - New Song (High 8 remix)
C83 - Camera Shy
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death (Tom Middleton remix)
Merka - Theme from Bullit remix
Amb - Where are Ya? (Chris Carter remix)
Groove Diggerz - Jelly Head (Manuel Neztic remix)
Dave Brennan - Drink Deep (James Zabiela remix)
Jonah Soh - The Blizzard
Jim Shimmer - The Quad
The Fixionist - Pho Li Ho Mist
Soul of Man - Acid Punch (Brothers Bud remix)
Metric and Rogers - This is Hip Hop
Kemek - Shibuya Acid