[ENG] [BRIGHTON] 24.06 FRI - Freak Bazaar vs Neon @ Volks

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[ENG] [BRIGHTON] 24.06 FRI - Freak Bazaar vs Neon @ Volks

Post by DJ Racist Haircut » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:36 pm

Dear all,

I'm honoured to be a part of this again. Upstairs is Freak Bazaar... yes, I know it's a psytrance event, (actually got some really old Goa stuff in, but that's by the by)... the downstairs though, will be featuring a bunch of breakbeat from myself and the rather curious Mr Mirra, more downtempo trippy bits from Nimbus, and interestingly, some rock'n'roll, and probs more trippy stuff from Magic & Morfinn. :)

In previous years we've had the likes of LuQas & Broken Eye, as well. It's the 3rd time I've been invited back and I'm very excited. Please come along if you're in that area. Party continues from 11pm till 6am.



*Man With No Name* (Dragonfly Records)
*Michael Dog* (Megadog)
*Clayton* (Maharetta Records)
*Tobermory* (Fundamental Freqs / Freak Bazaar)
*Escape* (Twentyfourseven)

2nd room hosted by *NEON*:

*Mr Mirra* (Pentaprism Records)
*Nimbus* (Liquid Records)
*Digital Fist* (NSB Radio)
*Morfinn* (NEON)
*Dj Magic* (Psychedelicious)
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