Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. The Peepshow Ownerz - 16/10/08 (Archive added)

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Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. The Peepshow Ownerz - 16/10/08 (Archive added)

Post by Llupa » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:21 am

This week kicks of a series of guest mixes that will become a monthly feature here on the Disc Breaks Show.

First up we're lucky to grab an exclusive mix from Hungarian duo the Peepshow Ownerz! Featuring brand new tracks from their own label Glack Audio, expect a deep and diverse mix showcasing the Peepshow Ownerz sound - not to be missed!


The Peepshow Ownerz are Flack.su and 'G' (a.k.a. Ground Chief) from Hungary.

Being part of the Su-Clan, Flack began his musical career with a tracker program in 1996. In the beginning he was mostly influenced by techno and hardcore, which can be felt when listening to his first tracks. However, subtle musical directions, such as Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Brian Eno, furthermore soundtracks and classic music did also turn out to be very important to him. As time went by he was introduced to drum..n..bass, bigbeats, and nu-school breaks. Aside from being one half of The Peepshow Ownerz, he is also a member of the Chi Recordings crew in Hungary.

'G' started off as a DJ more than ten years ago. He went through almost every kind of musical style as a DJ: in the beginning there was house, then he went on to nasty drum..n..bass, techno, nu-school breaks, tech-house, and electro. He started to become interested in making music, but it was too difficult for him alone. Therefore, he teamed up with Flack.su, and they started the peepshow as a collective work in 2005. Their first track, “31 June”, which excels in laying moody balearic atmospheres over rough breaks, is going to be released on vinyl in 2007.

Their first release was the atmospheric break tune '31 June' which was released on Onpa Records. All the positive reviews and DJ-feedbacks made the guys start their own label in 2007 under the name Glack Audio which is now over it's 5th release and is getting known from USA to Australia. Glack Audio mostly deals with breaks and house by the like of: Flack.su, 9b0, ICR, Neztic and Tactica or Beta. In the meantime The Peepshow Ownerz made a remix on Santa Fe's 'Bunka' which is out on Manuel Neztic's Sango Music label but of course the 'ownerz' are making some tunes on their own and are also collaborating with their producer mates. On top of all this Flack .su is into various styles like house and downtempo, while 'G' under his Ground Chief alterego is taking on proper/tech-house DJ gigs.

The Peepshow Ownerz try to represent the same eclectic vibe in their DJ sets similarly to their label, diverse DJ sets with many shades of breakbeat, some 4/4, a few dance classics and anything quality!



Show: Disc Breaks with Llupa
Date: 16th October, 2008
Time: 0900 - 1100 GMT (7-9pm here in Melbourne)

Listen: www.nsbradio.co.uk
Chat: www.nsbradio.co.uk/chat

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Post by Llupa » Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:21 pm

Big up's to the Peepshow guys for a wicked mix, the archive is below for those that didn't catch it live.

Archive: Disc Breaks with Llupa feat. The Peepshow Ownerz - 51 - 16th October 2008 <----Direct download link
Roughly 2.5 hours, 146MB


01. Lamb - Gorecki (Breaks Mix) [Hacker]
02. Bengston - Travelogue (Breaks Remix) [Ritmic Records]
03. Backdraft - Bassblaster (Burufunk Remix) [Low Phat]
04. Wi:Re - Proper Thingz [VIM Records]
05. Evil Nine - For Lovers, Not Fighters (Retroid Remix) [CDR]
06. Bassboosa - Succumb (Future Funk Squad Remix) [Champion Records]
07. Llupa - Over And Out [CDR]
08. Silencer - Drown In Me feat. Berwitz (Silencer Beats Mix Remix) [Crictical Mass]
09. Skein – Renegade [Pieces Of Eight Records]
10. Flack.su - T-break (Version 2) [Glack Audio]
11. DB3 – Baader [Functional]
12. Coalesced – Cortina [Polytechnic Recordings]

Guest mix – The Peepshow Ownerz

01. Glenn Morrison - Orange Glow (Amnesia Afterhours Reprise) [Audio Therapy]
02. Rift - Therim (Habersham Mix) [Lobotomy]
03. 9b0 - Antilightbulb [Glack Audio]
04. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (TM7 Remix) [Glack Audio]
05. Backdraft - Bassblaster (Burufunk Remix) [Low Phat]
06. Flack.su - Closer Than We Fear [Glack Audio]
07. Dan F - The Politics Of Summer (Mesmer Remix) [Glack Audio]
08. Yenn - What I Feel (Evan Michael Remix) [Hunya Munya]
09. Hybrid - Formula Of Fear (Glenn Morrison Mix) [Distinctive]
10. Ottone - Vial [Young NRG Productions]
11. The Sleeper - Energy [Manuscript Records]
12. Tony Thomas - DoubleT (Lunacy Sound Division's Double Remix) [Shiva Records]

Llupa back in the mix

01. Mesmer - Wormsigns [Sound of Habib]
02. Flack.su - Sigma 957 [Glack Audio]
03. Plastic Shell - Conestruck [Electrofly]
04. Splitloop - Panic Mechanic (Downpresser Remix) [Sinister]
05. Farace & J2K – Waiting [Kick It Recordings]

Don't forget that you can download older shows from - http://discbreaks.blogspot.com/

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