New Sci Fi 'Nu Skool' mix from me!

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New Sci Fi 'Nu Skool' mix from me!

Post by OAP-Dub » Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:25 am

I've not been able to do a radio show in ages so wanted to put a proper mix together. This one has been lovingly prepared and I took ages working out which tunes to include and the sequencing before I actually got down to mixing them on the trusty 1210's. As per the title, this mix is somewhat sci fi themed - in as much that all of the tunes have effects and themes in them that sound like they have been taking from sci fi films from over the years, I'm thinking the sounds of alien spaceships, lazer beams, control consoles, a synth whoosh that sounds like danger on an unknown planet (!), well you'll see what I mean when you listen.

This all gives the mix something of a classic 'nu skool' breaks sound, and a lot of these tunes would have been at home (if fact some very much were at home) on mixes by people like Adam Freeland, Rennie and Phil K back in the day. I hope you like it! Cheers, Paul. ... arch-2020/

Waveform and Crash - Systems Online
Evil 9 – Cakehole (Midnight Son remix)
Chris Carter - Noncompos
Amb - Around (Phantom Beats remix)
Motion Unit - My Mind
Fluke - Absurd (Adam Freeland and Ils remix)
Meat Katie - Cum Shot
PFN - To the Beat
Apex – Bangin’
Infusion – Dead Souls
The Operators - Furball
Precision Cuts - Badass 5000
Uberzone - Bounce (Rennie Pilgrem and Blim remix)
PMT - Afro Lava Lamp (Zulu Dawn remix)
NuBreed - Midi Killa
Andy Page - Porcelain Elvis (Chris Carter remix)
Fine Cut Bodies - Trekk Far (Elite Force remix)
Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Bubblegum
Koma and Bones - High Rollin'
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