Geschwister shows from the past 4 weeks

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Geschwister shows from the past 4 weeks

Post by TakeRecords » Tue Dec 13, 2005 1:17 am

Since i haven't got round to fixing our website here are the tracklistings from the shows that i know you've been tearing your hair out about getting:

Lee Coombs & David Phillips vs Bauhaus - unknown [white]
Freemasons - Love on my mind (COburn Remix) [loaded]
Daso - BTAnders [Traumschallplatten]
Dieter Schmidt - Morse COde from the COld War [Kitsune]
Lindstrom - I feel space [playhouse]
Milke - She said [fat]
Geschwister - Sweetness [cdr]
Artcrime - Like this [rollerover]
meat katie & elite force - all night long [cdr]
crash house brothers - badboy [carepack]
Force Mass Motion - Skyline [white]
Chris Carter - BottyFunk [envision]
Force Mass Motion - Out of it [white]
Precision Cuts & Vigi - I found love [streetwise]
Geschwister vs Hedflux - Seven Fifteen [cdr]
Stanton Warriors - Still Here [punks]
Stanton Warriors - Hope Time [punks]
FC Kahuna - Hayling (Ils Remix) [city rockers]
Poxy Music - Our Break [Hussle & Bussle]

DJ T - Neon [get physical]
Freemasons (coburn remix)
Maurizio Gubellini & Peruz - SHe don't lie [spectra]
Husky Rescue -
Tom Vek - Nothing but green lights [Go Beat]
Lindstrom - I feel space
Chicken Lips - She not in (stantons remix)
McMillan & Tab - Work it [inflight entertainment]
Precision Cuts - smart breaks in the place [cdr]
Daso - BT Anders [Traumschallplatten]
Soulwax - NY Excuse
Force Mass Motion - out of it
Soul Wax - Compute [plas]
justice - let there be light [ed banger]
Thomas Schumacher - Heat it up
Nick Muir - Frankenstein [apache]
Mike monday - Flashlight
Different Gear vs SIa - Drink to get drunk
Milke - She says [Fat records]

Cass & Mangan - I gotta thang - uh huh (dub)
Milke - She says
Lindstrom - I feel space
Cass & Mangan - i like your shoes (dub)
Maurizio Gubellini & Peruz - she don't lie
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Stantons remix)
thomas schumacher - heat it up
tube & berger - straight ahead
rebel sketchy - the interview (drummatic tiwns remix)
Prodigy - Spitfire (FFS remix)
smart breaks - in the place
Overseer - Horndog (Hyper Remix)
meat katie & elite force - all night long
Precision cuts & Vigi - I found love
Groove Rebels - uptight
Elektrochemie - pleasure seeker
Daso - Daybreak
Soulwax - Compute
los tres brasilieros - noites (asem shama rmx)

Casa and mangan - i gotta thing
milke - she says
lindstrom - i feel space
silver city - Another Dimension (spirit catcher remix)
juan maclean - every little thing
Spirit Catcher - relax rhythm forever
rex the dog - prototype [hundehaus]
freeland - heel and toe (adam freeland remix)
spektrum - kinda new (tiefschwarz remix)
Sasse - armoured (DK remix)
Stone lions - snow over arizona
Fresh - Luna city express
Yoshimoto - Want you need you (trent e moller remix)
Vicarious Bliss - theme from vicarious bliss (dave clark remix)
Pressure drop - you're mine (Adam Freeland remix)
Def Inc - acid rock
Phonique - Girl in the red dress (tiefschwarz)
Nathan Fake - Silent Night
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