Archive and Tracklist from April Breaks with a Beard Show

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Archive and Tracklist from April Breaks with a Beard Show

Post by OAP-Dub » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:25 pm

Clicky here for the latest instalment of the Breaks with a Beard Show on NSB Radio.

Really enjoyed this one, quickly locks into some big, big tunes. ... -12042018/

Grange Hill theme tune (1990s version)
Lo Fi Allstars - Lazer Sheep Dip Funk
DJ Love - Underground Funk
Slack Breakers - Get Funky
Madox - Bootsy Call
Break the Box - Groovy Moves (Plaza De Funk remix)
Dj Rocca and 5th Suite - Disco Mike
Hardy Hard and Lady Waks - Listen
J Cat - Good Times (Atomic Hooligan remix)
Myagi - Absent from Skull
Nick Thayer - Toasted
Mint Royale - Take it Easy (Plump DJs remix)
Jay Stewart - Don't Do It
DJ Icy - Hardway's Working
Break the Box - Check the Zip
Pilch - Elekrify
Rob Reng - Zero Gravity Jive
Rogue Element - Rogure Rock (Vandal remix)
Beta - Come Again (Nicecore rerub)
Orange Bud - Blend (Care In The Community remix)
Robosapiens - Come On
Ben and Lex - Bust Dis
Karton - Little Creatures (Dopamine remix)
Stephen Cole - Mango
Klaus Hill - bubblegum
Unkle - In a State (Meat Katie remix)
10 Rapid - Dark Days
The KVB - Always Then
I was born underwater,
I dried out in the sun.
I started humping volcanoes baby,
when I was too young.
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