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Re: NEW ! The Ikon Drum n Bass Show with KF81

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:43 am
by KF81
Three Hour Mixture of Deep, Tech and Neuro Rollers.. !

Massive shout to all the listeners.. :)

320 Kbps

Mage - The Island (Original Mix)

Mage - Signals (Original Mix)

PostML - Avenues and Visitors (Original Mix)

Dieppe - Snow (Original Mix)

IDENTITY - With Me (Original Mix)

Radical - Yeah, yeah (Original Mix)

Actraiser - Love For You (Original Mix)

Nelver - Know Me (Original Mix)

Mellifera - High and Low (Original Mix)

Controlless - Dark Paradise (Original Mix)

Controlless - Ultra (Original Mix)

Controlless & Turborat - T3chnophobe (Original Mix)

Controlless - Future Funk (Original Mix)

Java - Precipitation (Original Mix)

Aeromatic - Forms (Original Mix)

Aeromatic - Entropy (Original Mix)

Aeromatic - Fastroad (Original Mix)

Blame - Hindsight (Original Mix)

Airstrike - Cut Inside (Original Mix)

Advisory - Moving Deeper (Original Mix)

Lm1, Freeboard - Wintertime (Original Mix)

Actraiser - Electric Dreams (Original Mix)

Lm1, Airstrike - Estus (Original Mix)

Radicall - Quantum (LM1 Remix)

CJ, B.N.A - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Cj, B.N.A - Dark Side (Original Mix)

Cj, B.N.A - To Blow Up (Original Mix)

Method One - Bloodlines (Original Mix)

Method One, Seba - Heavy Traffic (Original Mix)

Airtek - To The Sky (Original Mix)

P-Money - Everything Feat. Vince Harder (Blame Dub Mix)

Seathasky - Clarity (Original Mix)

Seathasky - Alcohol (Original Mix)

LSB - Snap Funk (Original Mix)

Villem, Mcleod - Saved You (Original Mix)

John B - Lie To Me (Original Mix)

LSB - Mist of You (Original Mix)

Surplus, AudioSketch - Leave It All Behind (Villem & Mcleod Remix)

Re: NEW ! The Ikon Drum n Bass Show with KF81

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2019 9:57 am
by KF81
A Three Hour Journey Through Deep, Neuro and Tech Steppin’ Drum and Bass !

Out to all the Artists and Labels for the free music..

Aeromatic, DroneHead, Controlless, Euphonique, CELO and Tech Itch Recordings

320 Kbps

Leniz - Question My Love (Original Mix)

MSDOS - Rocky The Balboa (Greekboy Remix)

Artificial Intelligence - Nobody (Original Mix)

Lm 1, Indigo Sync - The 591 (Original Mix)

Larigold - Epic Ensemble (Original Mix)

Blame - Hindsight (Original Mix)

Bone - Second Chances (Original Mix)

Aeromatic & DroneHead - Portal (Original Mix)

Aeromatic & DroneHead - Tower In The Mist (Original Mix)

Controlless - Telsa (Original Mix)

Controlless - Abandoned Planet (Original Mix)

DroneHead - Aeon (Original Mix)

DroneHead - Hexyll (Original Mix)

DroneHead - Eternum (Original Mix)

Lameduza, Nelver - Echoing (Original Mix)

Radicall - All Yours (Original Mix)

Seathasky - Tell Me Why - (Silence Groove Remix)

Blame, Ruff Sqwad - On My Own (Original Mix)

Blame, JT Fitz - Hypnotised (Original Mix)

Advisory, Scenic - Don’t Look Back (Original Mix)

Ash:Ram - Really Mine (Original Mix)

Walk:r, TEE:J - Something About You (Silence Groove Remix)

Indidjinous, DJ E - Afterburned (Original Mix)

Technical Itch - Reap The Future (Original Mix)

Voyage - 2000AD (Original Mix)

Shy FX, Lilly Allen, Stamina MC - Roll The Dice (Original Mix)

Euphonique - Dem A Chat (Original Mix)

DJ E - Simple Life (Original Mix)

Brakken - Infinite Darkness (Original Mix)

Brakken - Change (Original Mix)

CELO - Warm Up (Original Mix)

CELO - Energy (Original Mix)

CELO - Tow 67 (Original Mix)

Aquasion - Switched Out (Original Mix)

Alix Perez - Myriads (Original Mix)

Alix Perez, Do The Math - Onyx (Original Mix)

Alix Perez - The Observer (Original Mix)