[Choon] Propaganda - Nuskool Breaks Remix

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[Choon] Propaganda - Nuskool Breaks Remix

Post by Sophistik » Sun Apr 24, 2016 9:51 pm

Hey guys, I just finished this and I'm posting this here. It was just successfully dance-floor tested this weekend in Seattle by DJ's Soulkid and the beautiful Sake Bomb. It's gritty but punchy enough... inbox me and I'll get you a stem master when it's finished. #nooskool!

There will be more. My target is to throw something out at least every month... Stay tuned for chunky tuna in your cans. That is all :) :tuna:


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Re: [Choon] Propaganda - Nuskool Breaks Remix

Post by Protoplasym » Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:40 am

Mmmm, biiiig chunky Intro for Mixing. This is right up my alley. :yesyes: The Production is stellar! Ending at 00:29 was too soon imo. I would have doubled or quadrupled that Intro for Mixing.

Wild Breakdown! 1:00 - 1:04, that Fill was manic! Holy fuck at the Drop. That 1 is huuuuuge. I love your Mid-Range work, it is exciting and would have me Breakdancing like a madman on the floor. The Sub sounds big and solid, I imagine it pushes tons of air on a proper system.

2:08 - alright, I like the progression on all of that Mid-Range work! I can see you put some effort into keeping those riffs fresh coming out of the 2nd Breakdown. 2:36 - 2:51 massive BassFACE!!!!!!!! :tuna: Damn, that section needs to be two to four times as long imo. That could have had some scratching and a few insane fills taking place during that time.

Wicked tune, I'd play this. Definitely worth a buy on Vinyl. Well done, this is proper Nuskool Breakbeat.
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