New member arrived.....Music addict from the Netherlands

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New member arrived.....Music addict from the Netherlands

Post by OnderKoffer » Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:07 pm

I`m a music addict from the Netherlands, I`love to create long freestyle mixes, with all sorts of styles like
oldskool / breakbeat / Harcore / Techno / (Hard)Trance / Freeform / Acid ....
I really don`t like the "box mentality" most people have with house music, i "absorb" everything like a sponge. :tuna:

I am lucky to be old enough,so i was there when the first house parties arrived in Amsterdam (1989)
And i`m still getting goosebumps when i`m talking / think about those times / parties.

I don`t want to sound like "grandpa", but parties really were so much better in the begin days.(1988/1992)
The parties now a days are really not my thing, so i finally could stop partying without a problem.
(There was every day of the week a party in amsterdam, and you could allways find me there)
I was the last 25 years a real party addict, it really was more adictive then drugs for me.

Making mixes is a form of therapy for me, love to make long mixes (3/4/5/6 hours) and like i said before,with all kind of styles in 1 mix. Starting with 115 bpm and ending with 180 bpm is the ideal mix for me. :mix:
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