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HOW TO Guide for NSB Forum

Post by jimmy brayks » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:56 pm

Here's some info that might be helpful when making a post:

Posting images on the forum.
1. You need you have the image hosted on a website first so that it has a URL that looks something like this:

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2. You then put the URL of your image between two BBcode [img] tags like this:

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The result will be a nice picture in your post.

"But how do I get the URL of the image I want to post?" I hear you ask.
The answer to that depends on what browser you use to look at the internet. Most of you will be using Internet Explorer, but some will be using Firefox and others. And some will be using Macs too (I can't go into the subtle differences between all of these but I'm sure someone will add the info in this thread somewhere). I'm going to concentrate on IE and Firefox for Windows.

In Internet Explorer:
If you right-mouse-click on the image you want to post, a little menu should appear.
At the bottom of this menu, click 'Properties.
A little properties window will appear, and in there you will see "Address: (URL)" with the URL of the image you clicked on next to it.
Highlight the URL with your mouse, right click and select copy.
Click "Cancel" to close the Properties window.
Go back to the post you're making, right click on it where you want the URL to go and click paste.
You're done.

In Firefox/Chrome/Safari it's a bit easier.
If you right-mouse-click on the image you want to post, a little menu should appear.
Select "Copy Image Location" from the menu.
Go back to the post you're making and right click on it to paste the URL in.
You're done.

"Where can I host my image?" If you have an ubercool image on your computer that you want us all to see.

"How do I get a pic for my avatar?"
At the top of every NSB page, there is a link that says "PROFILE"
At the bottom of the profile page you can add a pic from your computer, or from a URL on the web, or you can choose on of the pics already on the site.
Your image must be no larger than 120 x 120 pixels in dimension.
Your image must be no more than 6KB in filesize.
You can get your image that small by using a program like photoshop which has a handy "save for web" feature, or if you ask someone nicely, they might do it for you.

"How do I get an image in my sig?"
The same way as getting them in your posts.
Go to your profile, and half way down there is a bit that says Signature. You can write what you like, and post pics in there.
Please keep the pics in your sigs fairly small. Too many large pics in sigs means a slower site.

"How do I post an image that also acts as a link to another website?"
You put

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tags around the tags for your image. Like this:

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"Where can I upload my mix/tune for you to download?"
There is a massive list of places to host your tracks and mixes here

"How do I post up a Youtube vid?"
You first need to get the correctly formatted youtube URL. This used to be easier than it is now, as you could simply copy the URL straight from the address bar, now because youtube have started messing about with things making improvements, it's a wee bit more tricky.
However you can still do it.
When you watch a vid on youtube, click on the "Share" button just below the video. It will give you a URL that looks like this

Code: Select all
The random letters and numbers at the end is the ID of the video (you need this bit).
You can either re-type the URL so it looks like this

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and then put it in youtube tags like this.

Code: Select all

Click the options bit under the link and then tick the long link box and it will change to one that looks like this

Code: Select all
Which you can put straight between youtube tags on here.

"More about BB Code"
More info about what you can do with BBCode can be found here:

"Off Topic scares me!"
Don't worry, it does that all to new people. Read this quick info and rules post. The people here are lovely, just a bit prickly. Persevere.

** Big love to Doug Dtism for the original article
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Re: HOW TO Guide for NSB Forum

Post by moderate » Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:59 pm

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