[USA][NYC] Dec 17 - ILL:LEGAL - NY DANCESAFE FUNDRAISER @ The Gateway - Brooklyn

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[USA][NYC] Dec 17 - ILL:LEGAL - NY DANCESAFE FUNDRAISER @ The Gateway - Brooklyn

Post by Audio Tactics » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:11 am


ILL:Legal - A NY DanceSafe Fundraiser

Saturday - December 17 - 2016

NY DanceSafe is pleased to announce our first fundraising event showcasing a variety of music and visual talent from within the music communities that we serve. NY DanceSafe promotes safety and awareness in nightlife and this fundraiser will help the NY chapter to expand its health & harm reduction resources and services. NY Dancesafe was initiated in 2013 with chapters now covering Northern Jersey, Western New York and New England.

---------------------- DJS ---------------------


Horizon Wireless: FUNK & HOUSE

Horizon Wireless blends psychedelic break-beat music with a variety of other styles including trip-hop, minimal tech-funk, and psy-breaks to create high energy and soulful dance sets. Seamlessly using elements from all across the sound spectrum, unique mixes are woven together through each show, creating a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms, so bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but encouraged as well.


Brandon Morales: HOUSE

Nuyorican Jamaican, born & bred in Brooklyn; DJ Brandon Morales is carrying on the legacy into which he was born; the DJ Diamond Life. As a precocious child, he began blending beats & vocals at age 11, on wax in true school fashion; with an Urei 1620 Rotary Mixer & pair of Technics sl1200’s under the tutelage of his father; superstar DJ, revolutionary remixer and Grammy award winning record producer. Based in South Florida, this next generation of House has honed his prowess to innovatively, smoothly and soulfully mix groovy dance music, which quickly became his recognizable DJ style in the Miami underground club scene.


Remove Hyphen: ACID HOUSE

Sassy selections, with throbbing, lush bass and dazzling chords, Remove Hyphen crafts sets that are thoughtful and complex--creating a cathartic dance floor rich with sub-aquatic beats.


Chris Patrick: HOUSE

From humble roots as a teenage bedroom DJ in sub-rural Pennsylvania, Chris began playing out regularly at clubs and bars while still a minor in Philadelphia in 2001. Since relocating to New York City in 2007, he gained popularity as a resident DJ during the resurgence of the illustrious SOUP parties at the now defunct Sullivan Room, and now holds down regular gigs throughout the city at Cielo, Output, Verboten, TBA Brooklyn, The 303 @ Louie & Chan, and more.


Carmine Tony: TECHNO

New York DJ with an Italian soul, Carmine Tony has brought his lifelong love of sharing music to life. Representing a perfect balance of the classic rhythm that shaped a movement and the current emotion that pulsates our city, Carmine looks to take you on a new journey with each set.


Big Ears & Jamalski: JUNGLE

DJ Big Ears has been one of the fastest rising players ever to hit the jungle/drum and bass arena. His ever evolving career has proved to be an unstoppable force in New York City and beyond because his unmatched track selection isn't limited to just one genre. Fitting the definition of a DJ in the truest sense, Big Ears creates an untouchable blend of oldskool jungle, ragga, mashup, breakore, hardcore, speedcore, reggae, and hip hop that breaks all stereotypes of a jungle DJ and appeals to not only junglists, but anyone who comes into contact with his quick mixes and professional production that constantly circulate among the underground music scene.


Wavewhore: BREAKBEAT

With releases on high profile record labels such as iBreaks, Elektroshok, Hardcore Beats, Broke, Electrofly, Bombtraxx and Kick It, New York City based Wavewhore has established himself as one of the USA’s leading breakbeat producers. His skills behind the decks have also led to headlining appearances across the US, Europe and Asia and his music and mixes have been featured on many of the world’s top broadcast media outlets including BBC Radio 1 London, WKTU 103.5 FM New York, KISS FM London, RTE Dublin, Sirius Satellite Radio and MTV.



Since 2010 Brooklyn's DJ WINK-E has constantly broke down barriers in today’s Electronic Dance Music scene by expanding the reach of Harder music to a new generation of partygoers. WINK-E helped bring the harder sounds to main stages, and also brought in a new demographic of people into the scene in NYC. WINK-E is also known for surprising the crowd with his sporadic use of mixed EDM ranging any where from Hardcore, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, UK Hardcore and even sometimes a surprise Jungle tune mixed in. WINK-E has undeniably experienced a meteoric rise since his debut in NYC.


Tim the Enchanter: BREAKBEAT

Breakbeat evangelist Tim The Enchanter (Vitamin B, Brooklyn) first discovered electronic music in the warehouses of NYC, Philly, Baltimore and DC in the mid 90's. He bought some crappy 4th-hand turntables and a Radio Shack mixer and hasn’t looked back since (although his gear has improved). After a decade of spinning to a packed bedroom of two cats, Tim made the jump to playing for humans and quickly became a resident at Vitamin B, NYC’s longest-running monthly breaks party. In his spare time he enjoys fiddling with Ableton and building temporary hot tubs.



Brooklyn-based DJ/producer ILLEXXANDRA (illexxandra.com) brings a consistently fun party vibe, drawing from the worlds of funk, UK future sound, global bass, electro swing, and classic club culture. Her sets draw you in with innocent joy, smack you around with raw ferocity, and then set you down gently with deep musical knowledge. She’ll kill it with an hour of bangers, or take you on a five-hour journey into sound.



Since 2003s Teddy Ammo also known as Dj Live Ammo started going to party's. It all started with Hardmind productions blending fourmz it sucked him right in. He fell in love with the bass right away and at this moment he knew he wanted to be a dj. Since then he continued to go to party's even when he moved away and joined the Army. Know he spreads the love through minimal tech the sound he has been in love with as he moves the crowd on the dances floor it lights him up inside to see you dance.


Ajaxbeats: DRUM & BASS

The world would not be balanced without light and darkness. Accordingly, AjaxBeats, who grew up watching the dark streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, dwells more on the dark elements of life. AjaxBeats is both an Electronic and Hip Hop producer, and receives his inspiration from the NYC underground scenes that include Drum N Bass, Dub-Step, House, Illibent, Ambient & Psychedelic.


10Strip (Final Performance): GARAGE/BASSLINE/GRIME

----------- SUPPORTERS & NON-PROFITS -----------


Drug Policy Alliance:

House of Kava:

Raveolution Recovery Formula:

Brooklyn Vaper:

Eclectic Taste Clothing:

Dan-Pak Hydration Backpacks:

Participant support services by Richard V. DaCosta, Crisis Intervention Specialist

------------------VISUAL ARTISTS ---------------------

Body Art:
Sunny Quetzalcoatl -

Ari Saves -

Ragnarök Philly -


Venue: The Gateway
1272 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221

Admission: Tickets start at $10 | $20 at the door
Full Bar
No Re-entry!!

https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help ... ion-health

Your ticket purchase comes in the form of a donation with multiple perk options:
- Drug Checking Kits
- Drug Policy Alliance Earpeace Earplugs
- Dan-Pak Hydration Packs
- Raveolution Recovery Formula
- And More!

If you can not attend the event, please consider a donation to keep our outreach going!!

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/910358905733518/
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