Moralz - Cross Rhodez EP [FreeLoveDigi - FLD060]

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Moralz - Cross Rhodez EP [FreeLoveDigi - FLD060]

Post by wiz » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:59 pm

Moralz - Cross Rhodez EP [FreeLoveDigi - FLD060]

Next up for Free Love Digi we have the back rub champion known as Moralz coming
with an EP of varied sonics. Ranging in styles from ethereal garage, wavy
jungle and funky halftime beats. The Cross Rhodez EP also features a collab
with Thomas B on "Tethered".


Buy Exclusive on Beatport:

TITLE: Moralz - Cross Rhodez
LABEL: Free Love Digi
RELEASE DATE: 2018-08-20
GENRE(S): Leftfield Bass,Electronica

Listen on Soundcloud: ... i-fld060-2

1.) Moralz - Panic Room
2.) Moralz - Return To Sender
3.) Moralz - Folding Space
4.) Moralz & Thomas B - Tethered
5.) Moralz - Ouroboros
6.) Moralz - Cross Rhodez


Free Love Digi

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Re: Moralz - Cross Rhodez EP [FreeLoveDigi - FLD060]

Post by Protoplasym » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:44 pm

Love that artwork, very eerie.

I left feedback,

"Panic Room"

Really cool 'deep in the space jungle' style Dubstep. I very much like the Tom Subwork and the fun Electroy higher ranged Tom echoing and delaying in the background. The Snare work is really busy and I respect that.

"Return To Sender"

Neat Intro... I wasn't expecting the Drop to sound that way. Sub is awesome and the Percussive work is fantastic! A lot went into it and I truly appreciate that. I think the Breakdown could have really benefitted from an inspiring spoken word sample. Great tune, lovely Production - sounds awesome in my cheap PC headphones.

"Folding Space"

Very ethereal Intro and Drop... Sub is badass. Loving the Lead, super funky and spacey sounding. Sub is reallllly badass! Love that Triangle Hat around the 1:28 mark, drives everything superbly. Killer Padwork, super spacey Breakdown. I will definitely get around to buying this in the future! Production is spot on.


This is definitely the weird one of the bunch. I respect how different and unique it sounds. The edited guitar riff is funky as all hell.


Sexy Intro. Mmm, rich Piano, I want more of that. KICKASS Drop!!! Lovely Sinework into those Pitch driven Tom Sub hits... they work so well together. Delayed Organ and Padwork are wonderful. Again, a spoken word sample during the Breakdown at 2:03 would have been wonderful. The delayed and reverbed Breath hits were awesome no doubt though. Killer tune! Definite purchase from me in the future. Production is super clean.

"Cross Rhodez"

Unsettling Intro with those strangely tuned Strings and eerie Pads. It's all almost dissonant, but not at the same time. Oh cool... oldschool 80's sounding Percussion! Neat Filter Modulated Mid-Range layer on top of the Sub. The Phil Collins reverbed Snare drums are lovely. This is superb. Another purchase from me! This would be great to start a Set with. Production is huge!
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