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Basic Forces - Get Lucky/Reach It [Vivid Sounds]

Posted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:22 pm
by wiz
Basic Forces - Get Lucky/Reach It [Vivid Sounds]

Basic Forces is back on Vivid Sounds with a two track EP. Originally known for his light, liquid vibes, he's delving into a harder, bigger sound, yet still keeping with the musical vibes. These tracks offer beat driven sounds sure to satisfy people who like their music with a bit of spike, yet still keeping a soft edge.
Get Lucky V Reach It tows the line between soulful piano chords with punchy drum breaks, and the experimental sounds of D&B with large amounts of space to feel like you're literally riding the sonics!


Exclusive on Beatport ... it/1780591


01. Basic Forces - Get Lucky ... -get-lucky

02. Basic Forces - Reach It ... s-reach-it

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