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Re: MustBeat Crew related releases

Post by MustBeat Crew » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:24 pm

Freethinker Funk Essence - Record Store EP
out on the 2nd of February, 2017... ... 3317443-02


"Sweet funk! Really like both 'The Spy Of Mrs Lee' & 'Quentin's Lost Movie'. Cheers..." D*FUNK

"nice chilled funky tunes!" CMC & SILENTA

"Lovely cinematic breaks & ice cool vibes, sounds like some top diggin goin on" DAYTONER

"Nice funky themes, support !"

"Nice one guys. a cool mix of Nujazz & Funk !! Dope!"

"excellent funk!" BANG' N MASH

"Outstandingly funky!" ZENIT INCOMPATIBLE

"Lovin the 70's style vibes here :)!!! Nice one" CRASHGROOVE

"Some tasty jams. Lovely work." DOE RAN

"this 1st track is awesome! took me back in time" DJ WASH

"A nice release! Favourites: "The Spy Of Mrs. Lee" and "Record Store"." DR. BEST

"Some nice chilled funk" FRANKEE MORE

"This is sublime" DR. HOOKA

"love this funky !!!!!" JOHNNY PLUSE

"Nice funky and jazzy vibes all over this...Record Store is dope!" PALE PENGUIN

"Some proper nice slices of funk!!" ALIENS IN DENMARK

"funky and groovy stuff." QUINCY JOINTZ

"Groovin', love it!" DJ KID STRETCH

"Sweet Ep for the Happy Hour,thanks" GROOVE MIND

"groovy as hell!" FUNKLINERS

"Nice, laidback grooves." BMD

- - -

01. The Spy Of Mrs. Lee
02. Records Store
03. Quentin's Lost Movie

Have you ever been diggin' through shitload of vinyls during the whole afternoon in your local record store and ending up findig nothing? Do you know the feeling when there's no result of constant secrhing for the right music? Freethinker Funk Essence is exactly familiar with this situation....

Having travelled all across Europe and having spent days of hours in old, dusty or fresh record stores, then sampling crates of vinyls like there's no tomorrow, Freethink Funk Essence delivers you the mood and vibes you were looking for - and we're more than happy to deliver you his latest EP: big city funk,. happy bass-lines, nasty grooves...

Bring it on!

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