Danny McMillan launches new night - guestie details here...

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Danny McMillan launches new night - guestie details here...

Post by hoganirold » Mon Jul 19, 2004 3:23 pm

Danny McMillan and In-flight Recordings are launching a new night called Subway. The opening night also acts as a showcase night for the label with their enormous new "Coke Smack" 12" being launched onto the public at this event.

Read about the new Single.

Subway @ Islington bar, 342 Caledonia Road, London
Friday 23 July 2004
DJs for the night are:
Evil Nine (Marine Parade)
Danny McMillan
DJ Flix (10 Kilo)
DJ Sabre

There will be CD giveaways and free booze for early arrivals - so get on it all you skint london types!

ENTRY IS FREE FOR INVITED GUESTS: If you would like to attend this “invite only” event,
email to:- subway@in-flightrecords.co.uk

or contact one of the following:-

Amy Butler, In-Flight Recordings, Tel: 07834 459403
Clayton Baker, Subway Promotions, Tel: 07753 748489

New in-flight website coming soon
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