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PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:26 am 
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UK bassline heavyweights Black Noise have been dropping some serious bass and beats over the last few years. Last year their refix bassline and disco bass remixes of Duck Sauce’s huge hit Anyway blew up on the blogs in a big, big way. They’ve been seriously busy undertaking remix work for some of the biggest artists and labels to grace the electronic dance music scene.

When the Futureheads started their new label this year their first choice of re-mixer was Black Noise. When Southern Fried needed someone to take their Diplo and Laidback Luke release to another level they contacted Black Noise. And when Ministry of Sound put together their wish list for remixers of the globally successful ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ it was Black Noise who were added to that list.

Black Noise have had two EP’s released on Norman Cook’s celebrated Southern Fried label and have another two to complete before a debut album will drop on the label later in the year. They have racked up 15 remixes and have topped the Hype Machine’s Chart with their remix of Crookers featuring Wiley.

Their first EP released introduced the vocal talents of Wizard Sleeve to the world on the track ‘Me Plus You’ which was subsequently licensed by Ministry Of Sound to be mashed up with Sidney Samson’S ‘Riverside’. This reached Number 2 in the UK Charts and stayed in the charts for 3 months and is still continuing to sell, very nearly reaching GOLD DISC STATUS!

Looking up any information on bassline/disco bass/house aficionados Black Noise is a little hard to say the least. Sure you can find their MySpace, Facebook page and huge mix archive but what if you wanted to find out their studio rider or who they’d back in a disco fight? Keith Wilson had the chance to catch up with them and see what made them tick…

What is a typical studio session like for Black Noise?
It quite often involves nudity and drugs

So after the drugs and sex, what Studio food do you prefer jelly sweets or crisps – or are you all vegans who only eat natural berries and herbs!?
Well, 2 of us are veggies… but that’s for home time. Studio is about strong coffee, cakes, crisps and pizza with some Jamaican food thrown in to keep us focused!!! Not sure you can be healthy and work in a windowless environment

It can be an unhealthy 8 hours! Do you guys prefer to produce at night or in the day though?
Daytime, though most of our vocal sessions are done at night… we seem to be more creative during daylight hours

What normally comes first? Bass lines or drums?
Usually we get some stonking beats in and then some music… then we hit the bassline to fit the music as we often have ideas and samples of music that we want to use… and as you know from hearing our music, the bassline is a key player!

What VSTs and hardware are giving you a chubby at the moment?
Hahaha… we do have a secret weapon that we like to use but we keep it quiet… the A1 synth is a cracker! Hardware… well nothing will ever beat an Akai sampler!

Who do Black Noise really want to remix or work with at the moment?
Someone like Lords Of The Underground would be pretty sick! And Bounty Killa… he would be pretty bonkers to get in for a session.

Who would win in a disco fight – Abba or The Supremes ?
The Supremes I think would be better in a street brawl as i doubt the Swedish ‘hood teaches you the art of street bopping! They are a bit gay ABBA… so maybe they wouldn’t do too well. But those Thai ladyboys can kick some ass so maybe ABBA would hold their own (or someone else’s!!!) fuck… i dunno… if i was placing a bet i would put it on The Supremes… yeah, they would do the biz. The Supremes please christ!!!

Can you see Black Noise pushing any other specific sound, such as DnB or Dubstep?
Of course, i think any producer who decides to forge a career in music would be foolish to work one sound solely… other styles help bring fresh ideas back to the studio. Stay creative kids!

What do think about the idea of allowing fans to remix your work?
Love it… totally down with it. That way they can have fresh and original material for their dj sets

Would you ever release tune parts for people to remix?
We will defo be doing that mate…

Well please keep us posted, I’d love to get involved! What about Black Noise sample packs? You got any plans to drop any at all?
Haha… this is also something we have been approached about so probably yes to that one

What festivals are you guys gonna be going to this year?
We have a month of touring Australia this summer and have some to do down there. We will also be at Glastonbury this year. One thing we haven’t focused much time into is getting out there djing which i think will be high priority over the summer, getting that locked in and touring what we are doing

Are you more “Ten quid tent, Sleeping bag and camping in the mud” or “Boutique Camping with running water, bog roll and face wipes”
Bog roll and face wipes mate!!! keepin it dutty!

Is there any chance that you’d be looking to do a live performance (Ableton/live instruments/etc) any time soon? Disco female vocals and live instruments would surely be a fat sound?
We were asked that same question yesterday. I am not sure at this stage as i don’t think we have enough material to warrant that but perhaps, when the album is completed we will focus on doing something live

What set up are you guys using for DJing at the moment?
Serato with either vinyl time-code, internal mixing or using a Vestax VC1 300… Serato is dope!

Well thanks for the interview guys, really appreciate it. You got any mixes we can download and listen to?

Yeah, check out our Black Noise ‘CONTROL THE GROOVE DJ MIX’


* Kid Kenobi – Breakers Revenge [dcup Remix]
* Wizards Sleeve – Get Down Tonight Accapella (Exclusive)
* Tom Piper & Destroy Disco – Dender [Nom de Strip Remix]
* Temple of Boom – Definition Of
* Sam Young feat Aphletik – Hee [Sam Rockwell Mix]
* Crookers – We Love Animals [Keith and Supabeatz Remix - Southern Fried Gorillaz - Superfast Jelly Fish - Evil Nine Remix)
* Black Noise - Control the Groove [Exclusive]
* Cassius 99 – Reset! Remix
* Will Bailey and Punk Rolla – Kata (Simma Records)
* Wizards Sleeve – Me plus You Accapella
* Hatiras – Spaced Invader [Nom de Strip Remix]
* Black Noise – Speaker Buster [Exclusive]
* The Future Heads – Heartbeat Song [Black Noise Remix]
* Lars Moston – So Sick [Nick Supply Reboot]
* Will Bailey – Hit da Club [Calvertron Remix] (Simma Records)
* Heavy Feet – Saving Me – [Black Noise Remix]

Download Black Noise – Control the Groove Mix May 2010


Image Image Image Image

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 10:39 am 
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so aquasky are black noise now?
nice interview

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